AIM B.V. is an independent production partner for your electromechanical devices for the medical and life sciences sector.

AIM is an experienced batch producer. We currently carry out contract manufacturing for over 150 products for applications in the medical and life sciences sectors. We manufacture for start-ups, scale-ups and established OEM companies. We are certified to manufacture medical devices under the MDD /MDR up to Class IIb.

AIM B.V. was founded in 1998 as a spin-off of Enraf Nonius, active in development and marketing of devices for the professional physiotherapy market.

Our origins in the physiotherapy sector have laid the foundation for our expertise in cost-effective and demand-driven flexible production based on medical guidelines.

From prototype to series production

The production of your device is supported by one of our experienced engineers. AIM focuses on analysing the manufacturability of the device and individual components and on setting up cost-effective production.

AIM supports you right from the production preparation phase. Preferably, we even look at the functional model phase with you in order to realise future cost-effective and flexible production. We would be happy to explain why this is our vision and what the long-term advantages are.

We set up the series production in such a way that it is manageable, qualitatively consistent and planable. We achieve this through good preparation, strategic purchasing & logistics, experience in quality assurance and controlled production processes. During series production, we follow your needs and planning in the required numbers of devices. We organise and plan this in close cooperation with you.

Traceability and transparency is an important part of the ISO 13485 standard. This is not limited to the production itself. We use an open cost price calculation that gives you maximum insight into the costs per component and the proposed supplier.

With this method of working, we have already made many production processes effective and manageable.

Are you interested in getting to know us better? Let us know and we will be happy to arrange an introduction and tour of the company for you.

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